Preparation for semen collection

It is advisable to book your appointment at least 4-5 days before your semen collection.

Your doctor should provide you with a complete signed and dated Order Form, which states the type(s) of test required and other relevant information.

It is extremely important that you bring this Order Form with you for the appointment. We will be unable to perform sperm testing without it.

If you are not feeling well or particularly tired on the appointment day, you are advised to postpone the collection and arrange for a new date.<


It is important that you should have 3-4 days abstinence before the semen collection.

Prior to this, you are advised to clear the old sperms by masturbation or engage in sexual intercourse.

Sunday (Ejaculate) → Monday to Wednesday (abstinence) → Thursday (Appointment for semen collection)

Semen Collection

We prefer that you collect your semen sample in the private collection room at our Laboratory.

However, if you need to collect at home, please collect the sterile bottle from the referring clinic or our Laboratory. On the label of the sterile bottle, write your full name, date of last ejaculation and the time of collection of sample.

Samples must be delivered to our laboratory within one hour of collection.

Kindly note home collection should coincide with the appointment time we have made for you.

How to collect semen sample

  • Before ejaculation, pass urine and wash your hands and penis with water (no soap), and dry them.
  • Produce the sample by hand (masturbation) directly into the sterile bottle provided (the whole ejaculate).
  • If you need a condom to collect the semen, please request for a “special condom” from the reception counter (Contraceptive condoms must not be used due to their toxic properties).



Your referring clinic will provide you with the cost of the test/s. You have the option to make payment at the laboratory or to the referring clinic.

We accept cash and all forms of credit card.

It is important to follow these instructions closely to obtain the most accurate evaluation of your semen sample.

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